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2013 Gate River Run 15K:
2013 Gate River Run 15K:
2013 Gate River Run 15K:
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Product Description
Please include a description of what your wearing, in the comments section of the checkout, as that will help us find you.

3/12: The sample is done! You can watch it Here
3/10: The raw video looks really good. Custom shots include: the start from the bucket truck, side and down the road, two nice close up shots just past the 5K on the water, two shots at the 10K timing gate, the top of the Green Monster and another coming down it, plus two shots at the finish line.
3/6: We will have 14 cameras on the course! Smile and wave BIG when you see them.

Your video will be similar to the sample video and will include between 8-11 custom shots with you in it. Your video will also have several shots of other competitors just like the sample. We will go through the hours of raw video and find all of the footage with you in it. Next, we will add some memorable highlights from the race in general. Finally we cut it down to a short 3-5 minute awesome keepsake that can be viewed over and over again and shared with others via Youtube or Facebook. Note: The sample video will be posted 2-4 days after the race.

Be sure to watch both samples to pick the music you like best or no music if you want to add your own later.
Note: We do not recommend choosing "None" unless you know how to add your own music.

What you get:
1. YouTube
Just as soon as we finish editing your video, we will post it to our YouTube channel (1080p) so you can see it right away! We will send you the link as soon as it is posted.
2. Blu-ray
For an additional $9.95, we will mail you a personalized Blu-ray with your custom video burned on it. You can play it directly in your Blu-ray player or copy the "Stream" (.m2ts) file to your computer where you can play it or upload it to your own YouTube channel or link it to Facebook.